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  • Home Automation

    Automate everything, from first light to whispered, ‘good night’.

    As the sun rises, you can already smell the coffee. The shades open, your morning playlist begins, your bathroom light clicks on. Your day has already begun, and yet you’re still wrapped beneath the covers. This is the power of automation.

    Control your home with a smartphone or tablet and our Home Automation solutions can be applied to many applications:

    • TVs
    • Music
    • Lighting
    • Door locks
    • Windows blinds
    • Climate control
    • Pool & spa temperature
    • Video surveillance and security
    • Michael M
    • Michael M. - Atherton, CA

      Initial contact with Regent5 was for a surveillance system installation for two of my business locations. I was very impressed with their work and decided to have them prewire my home during a remodel for automation. Can't say enough about Cham's professionalism and flexibility during the entire process and the great work by his team. It was quite amazing how they managed to integrate the lighting, video cameras, security system, all the music servers, and televisions at my home to work so seamlessly with the smart home applications. My wife and kids love the system and the simplicity of it. Managing electronics in a 12,000 sqft house with four kids isn't an easy thing, but this system makes our house click like a starship. My architect and interior designers were so impressed with our home control they both use our house as the goto demo. Highly recommend this team (the wait is worth it, seriously).
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  • Audio Video Services

    Sorry IMAX, you just lost a loyal customer.

    Clean design, subtle styling, and oh-so-easy to control. Our experts will install and fine-tune your audio video systems to be every bit as awesome as the cinema experience. By the time we're finished, your neighbors will line up to watch movies at your house.

    Don't forget your favorite music, our distributed audio systems allows you listen to your music all over your home. Invite your friends for a party and play music across your home, or enjoy dinner time with the perfect mood music, all controlled through your smart phone or tablet.

    Whether building a home theater or concert hall, we're here to help and we can work with your budget on any these installations:

    • 4K Televisions and Cinema projection systems
    • Acoustically calibrated Dolby and DTS surround sound systems
    • Universal remote control (Multi-room and single room)
    • Cable and satellite boxes, streaming devices, and gaming consoles
    • Multi-Room audio and video distribution systems
    • Trissa G
    • Trisa G. - Campbell, CA

      Regent5 did a wonderful job setting up our home entertainment system in three rooms. They took a tangle of wires, unsightly equipment and multiple remotes and turned chaos into beauty by moving the wires and equipment into closets/behind walls and programming single, universal remotes for each room.
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  • Video Surveillance

    Watch over your home or business with high definition eyes.

    Protect your loved ones with some of the best video surveillance equipment on the market today. You’ll be able to watch over your property from anywhere in the world, keeping tabs while on business, vacation, or during a long drive home.

    We take your safety seriously. Our video surveillance solutions:

    • Allow for live HD streaming video or recorded playback remotely
    • License plate capture for drive way or street traffic
    • Facial recognition for active motion tracking
    • Can pan/zoom or patrol a perimeter on a custom schedule
    • Records at 1080p or 4K HD with TrueDay/Night, 3D-DNR, and D-WDR
    • Georgia R
    • Georgia R. - Burlingame, CA

      My husband and I had an outdated system that was in dire need of replacement. Cham was able to easily recommend a solution that took into consideration both our budget, and how we interacted with our equipment. His setup allows us to fully appreciate all of the most current technology, but does so in a intuitive manner. 
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  • Home Surveillance
  • Lighting and Shades

    Become a master mood setter

    Science agrees: emotions can be moved with subtle changes in lighting. Set the mood with a single touch, activate your night paths, dim entire room zones, activate garden lights, and change the color of a room. Or, leave your hands free by automating your lighting system so it follows a predefined schedule. Your only limit is your creativity.

    Unleash your creativity with any of our indoor or outdoor lighting solutions. We’ll help you:

    • Eliminate light switch clutter from your walls with smart keypads
    • Replace regular light switches with intuitive touch-pads
    • Automate window blinds and shade control
    • Control all lighting with customizable scenes and zones
    • Convert indoor and outdoor lighting to LED

    Start building your own lighting experience today.

    • Steve R
    • Steve R. - San Francisco, CA

      Wanted to share my experience with our lighting project. Hired Regent five to install a lutron homeworks lighting system for our home and convert all our lighting to LED and redo our landscape lighting. Very satisfied with the end results, the team was professional and well organized. Got exactly what I was looking for and exactly in-line with the budget. Just wished I found these guys during my remodel two years ago before my contractor messed up and went over budget with the first system.
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  • Networking & Communications

    Economical and Inviting through Intuitive Control

    Give your home or business the gift of true high speed internet and wireless networking with full coverage. Extreme download speeds, super-fast file sharing and printing, and continuous video streaming, all possible with a robust, future-proof network from Regent5.

    We also offer a wide range of intercom systems and phone systems designed to provide effortless communication for residential or commercial use. Communicate within your home like never before. Whether you are broadcasting to everyone that dinner is ready, or to see who's at the front door? Plus, our video door bell systems will let you see and hear your guests and with just your smart phone.

    In today’s world, a wired home is a wonderful home. Network your home or business today with our services:

    • Build a powerful, lightning fast wireless network (5Ghz AC)
    • Upgrade an existing network for improved speed and coverage
    • Installation of the audio video door bells and intercom systems
    • Installation of PBX telephone systems for large homes and business
    • Samantha B
    • Samantha B. - Redwood City, CA

      My husband originally hired Cham to straighten out and expand our AV and IT capabilities in our home. It was clear from the first time he came to the house that he was beyond knowledgable and incredibly talented at his craft. Not only did he unscramble my husband's mess, but he was able to configure everything so that even I could understand and use it!
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    We’ll pair you with an expert; ready to help you design your dream home or office. Your vision is unique, something our specialists will make a reality while still matching your lifestyle and budget.

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    Plan your Smart Home

    Start small; perhaps an entertainment set-up for your family room, an upgraded central sound system, or even update your home lighting or wireless system. Start with a few areas upgrades when your needs change.

    Or, go big from the start and automate your entire home. If you know what you need, why not get it all at once? Whatever you decide, we’ll make it happen.

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    Guarantee and Support

    All our work carries a 2-year warranty and onsite support. Call us with a question, or schedule a support appointment at any time, even on weekends. Our support teams can assist you remotely or on your property. We’re always there for our customers.

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